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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cine Beaverhausen: Purple Rain ~ the movie

Purple Rain is back in theaters, including our local one. Is this a tribute or simply exploitation?

I honestly didn't enjoy this flick back on 1984 and would be unlikely to appreciate it any more today. I guess I'll stay away.

Prince on an ego-trip. The film's a big promo for the titular song. It's kind of like Glitter but without the pleasure of hearing/seeing Mariah Carey.

Why this self-aggrandizing vanity project needs to be back on the big-screen is baffling. After all, you only need to watch the video at home.

Clarence Williams portrays Prince's abusive and self-destructive dad. His son endeavors to avoid his dad's behavior. That's about it for plot-lines in this flick

While we miss and respect Prince as an icon and musician, I fail to see any reason to see this recycled mishmash of a motion picture.

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