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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Buddy Beaverhausen's Random Thoughts: Birthday Wishes to Steven Seagal

Our '80s action heroes are getting old. Sly, Arnie and Steven Seagal, 64 today.

Seagal has never turned in a credible performance in his life. That's unlike his contemporaries All three are Republicans. I guess that goes along with machismo in this country.

But the 6'4" (and now 64) Seagal fell from grace some time ago. His spotlight dimmed. Well, actually it went out completely.

Seagal's talents were kickboxing and posing with a pistol. That only goes so far, methinks. Some of his later work went direct to video, justifiably. An Aikido master, he should have tried for a tv series. Maybe he did but nobody was interested however.

SS later romanced and praised Russia's Vladimir Putin and his policies of repression  He is no friend to the gay community or to Democrats. Or, generally, anyone left of Mussolini!

But happy birthday, anyhow, you big lug!. We see you've gotten pudgy in your old age. Have some more cake today and enjoy it!

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