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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Buddy Beaverhausen's Random Thoughts: Strange Bedfellows ~ Laura Bush Loves Hillary Clinton

Laura Bush has always had a touch of class, and she has now slowly but surely distanced herself from her husband's administration. I mean, she's no fool! She wants to travel internationally and not be tried as a war criminal, after all! Wouldn't you?

It now seems she and Hillary Clinton have bonded and she hints at supporting -- even voting for -- her for President.

Laura's clearly not a fan of Trump. Laura is our 43rd First Lady, a smart cookie and a champion of human rights here and globally. She spoke out supportively on the gay marriage issue and she formed a fast friendship with Michelle Obama who has called her a role model and compatriot.

Michelle and Hillary are very supportive of Ms. Bush's speaking out and writing about the plight of women in Afghanistan. Laura is often a visitor and supporter of African nations. Politics, as they say, makes strange bedfellows.

In 2007, she opened the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health. A quiescent feminist.

So, so what if she has a Clorox fetish. Doesn't everyone? Or if, as a teenager, she had a a car accident and killed her ex-boyfriend who jilted her. Wouldn't we all if we came from prominent families and thought we could get away with it? I mean, we all have our flaws and reckless youths. Still, Laura Bush, we salute you today for your good-samaritan work and bipartisanism!

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