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Monday, April 18, 2016

Cine Beaverhausen: Elvis & Nixon, Preview

There's a definite feeling of "been there, done that" at the movies with Elvis & Nixon, to be released this Friday,

There's no doubt that it's expertly done and yet it's not particularly satisfying. I saw it on previews and the audience gave it a mixed reception.

Elvis' meeting with the President is historic trivia , even, camp. The film's comedic script, however, puts this nicely in perspective and direction by Liza Johnson handles this well.

Nixon is portrayed by the mercurial Kevin Spacey, flexing his acting skills in grand style. And Michael Shannon's is stellar in his comedic turn.

While no big shakes, Elvis & Nixon is an antidote to the summer's plethora of action films and juvenilia. Elvis fans should swarm to this, others may want to wait till it comes out on video. This film may not attract a wide audience outside the United States.

Released by the indy Amazon Studios.

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