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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Rubbing Elbows: My Brushes with Celebrities, chapter 6:

I am telling my story out of chronology by design rather than have the reader wade through a lot of developmental and background information before getting to the meat of the subject material. I hope that suits you and even enhances your enjoyment.

After graduating high school in 1969, I attended the University of Colorado in Boulder. Nancy Spungen -- of Sid and Nancy -- went there. Nancy's mother, Deborah Spungen, described the university as a "party school" in her book about her daughter, accusing it, it seemed of turning her good girl bad. And I Don't Want to Live My Life was the name of her book. It was a shameless attempt to exploit her murdered daughter for money; a Daughter Dearest tome if you will.
My viewpoint is that any college is a "party school" if one wants it to be. I felt I received a good education there and had some top-notch professors. I was, at the time, a serious student. My party days were yet to come.

I had a girlfriend at the university, Lynne Domash, who went on to work as a journalist in San Clemente, California. We were both from New Jersey and would bemoan the lack of good bagels or pizza out west. We went to the movies all the time. We saw current releases off-campus and film classics and art-house films on-campus.

We also would occasionally treat ourselves to live cabaret at a spot called Tulagi's that was located just off-campus on "The Hill," a honky-tonk entertainment district on what was indeed a hilly climb to get there. I was introduced to Bonnie Raitt and Linda Rondstadt, early in their careers, at Tulagi's.

The club's seating was on throw pillows around cable spools turned on their sides for tables. It was cool and funky and we were over the legal drinking age at the time and could have a couple of Coors beers to satisfy the two-drink minimum.

But there was something stirring inside of me; something about my own being, my own nature, beginning to blossom within. And that was the fact that I am gay.


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