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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rubbing Elbows: My Brushes with Celebrities chapter 9

Jimmie Bush was a pleasure to meet at the Metropolitan Room in NYC. He's a big talent and a big guy. He is a former college football hero and a crooner in the Tom Jones tradition.

We met at the Metropolitan Room in Manhattan in early 2016, after his great show there.

Jimmie is 6-5: and wears size 15 shoes. It was a privilege to meet him and his stage-mother, Mary.

That was the last time I recall going to a show without any trouble. You see, I've developed neuropathy in my feet from Type 2 diabetes. I know a promoter who has discontinued his contacting me as a result. Kind of a relief, actually.

You see, the numbness in my feet has resulted in my clutching onto things just to walk. My recent visits to club life, going to shows by impressionist Dorothy Bishop and Ty Jeffries (as Miss Hope Springs) had me clutching onto things so as not to topple over.

It has been a rapid decline and deterioration that I'm not at all pleased about. Oh Lord, no! Not me, not now! It seems like I just found my niche and now I find it fading from me. I'm getting physical therapy and rehabilitation, so hope to see improvement soon.

Many have mistaken my falling as a sign of drinking too much. I've even had one bartender refuse to serve me a second wine one night, though I was not slurry or inebriated.

So, I'm learning to walk with a cane for now. At Manhattan's Metropolitan Room, I've had the tall, hunky French sound engineer, Jean-Pierre, help me get into a cab.  Very kind, sweet and above the call of duty.

For the time being, I've been blogging more about movies and videos. Still in the game. At the point of writing this, I have soon-to-come shows at Carnegie Hall & Joe's Pub to see, both involving climbing stairs.

Wish me well.

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  1. I am so sad to hear this Charles, and please know that I will always be Praying for you, and will always be in your corner.