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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rubbing Elbows, My Brushes with Celebrities chapter 11

It was a great pleasure of mine to have met Pia Zadora. She was absolutely Zadorable.

I was already Facebook friends with her stage director for the show, Bob Esty. We finally got to meet that night which was like a dream come true. I believe that's where I first met Metropolitan Room's owners, Bernie and JoAnne Furshpan and immediately struck up a wonderful friendship.

As for Pia, she was just delightful, and I hope she'll return one day.

I went to her sold-out show with my good friend, Nick Lion (more about him to come later in this book. Nick is a promoter and club entrepreneur. He and I bonded and are now like brothers. I love Nick dearly.

The two of us, as Bob Esty's guests, were seated right up front. Pia even ordered us a complimentary Piatini, her own concoction that she sipped onstage.

She really knocked the ball out of the park with her rendition of "Oh Solo Mio." Little did I ever expect her to have such range and versatility.

I hope she'll return to Metropolitan Room. She had a sold-out house. And her beverage isn't half bad.

I believe that what makes a blog successful is its coverage of the "scene,"

Love you, Pia!

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