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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Buddy Beaverhausen's Random Thoughts: Remembering Doris Roberts

Actress Doris Roberts left us on April 17 of this year. I hesitated to put that on my blog then because of the overwhelming number of celebrity deaths early this year. I don't want this turning into an obituary blog.

Doris lived to a ripened age 90. She worked as a stenographer as she struggled to pursue her heart's longing as an actress.

Doris is probably best known as the overbearing mom, Marie, on the tv sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond.

Doris was born in the Bronx, NYC, as Doris May Green. She became a successful character actress and appeared on tv in early tv shows like The Naked City, The Defenders and Ben Casey. She then was featured in films, including one of my favorites, The Honeymoon Killers.

I first took notice of Ms Roberts when she played Dorelda Doremus, a phony psychic and faith healer.

So, finally, Buddy Beaverhausen says goodbye to the late great actress Doris Roberts, star of stage, screen and tv. You are missed band long admired. RIP.

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