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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rubbing Elbows: My Brushes with Celebrities chapter 16

In the summer of 2015, promoter Nick Lion and I were guests of my Facebook friend, music producer Bob Esty, to see Pia Zadora at the Metropolitan Room in Manhattan.

It was here that I became fast friends with club owner Bernie Furshpan. After he read my review of this show, he started giving me press passes to his shows.

The Metropolitan Room is a New York City treasure, where live cabaret is still very much a lively art. It features established and rising stars alike. Pia is in the first category.

I have long admired her from afar. She is a complete professional in every way.

Don't underestimate Pia's talent. She can sing a mean, operatic "O Solo Mio" that will knock your socks off. She is underestimated as a singer.

Pia's career was faltering when she when Frank Sinatra took her under his wing. They're fellow Hoboken, New Jersey people by birth. Hoboken is right across the river from New York City.  It's an easy commute there by Path train or ferry. I know; I lived there for a year.

Esty's stage direction was expert and it was so terrific for me to meet my Facebook friend, whom I blogged about and interviewed, at last. It was also a thrill to meet Pia after the show.

Ms Zadora makes a mean cocktail she calls a Piatini. Since Nick and I were seated right up front, she had the staff bring each of us one again.

Pia now lives -- and frequently performs -- in Las Vegas. Viva!

She was married to billionaire Meshulam Riklis but they were divorced. She is currently married to a Vegas police detective, Michael Jeffries. She has three kids.

And, so, my my celebrity blog was essentially born as I saw precisely what I wanted to do after writing up my review of this show.


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