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Monday, May 16, 2016

Cine Beaverhausen: Money Monster

Money Monster was released on my birthday, May 13th. It stars George Clooney, and Julia Roberts along with a sturdy support cast.

It's a political thriller but mostly quite predictable to the end. However, it's an intense film for mature-minded audiences wary of the onslaught of brainless action films.

The film's masterfully directed by Jodie Foster. The story involves a young man with a gun. nicely portrayed by Jack O'Connell, who lost all his money on the stock market. He comes after tv-renowned Clooney, whom he believes is responsible for his losses. Domestic terrorism of sorts is in focus.

Foster's no stranger to this kind of territory, what having done The Panic Room and Flightplan, that film where her daughter is held hostage on an airplane. Her success has benefitted from her diversity as actress, producer and director. Julia Roberts, who I once considered a romcom lightweight, is particularly good in this.

While worthy of viewing, you can definitely wait this one out till it arrives on video.

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