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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Kiki & Herb Seeking Asylum at Joe's Pub

Kiki & Herb returned to Joe's Pub this week, so I went with a friend to celebrate my birthday, just two days afterwards. As par usual, they were side-splittingly funny and very entertaining generally.

Kiki & Herb: Seeking Asylum is a wonderful addiion to their body of work. Over the years, they've lost none of their edge. In fact, they've gotten edgier.

Justin Vivian Bond is Kiki and Kenny Mellman is her pianist and comic straight man Herb. They work  well together, very well indeed.

Kiki & Herb have released a few albums though there's nothing like seeing them live. They've toured in the USA and in Europe.

I first caught their act, Kiki & Herb Will Die for You, at Carnegie Hall many years ago and immediately became a fan. However, there is nothing better than seeing them in the relative intimacy of a club like Joe's Pub in the East Village. What a great way to celebrate my birthday! Welcome back, Kiki & Herb!

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