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Thursday, May 12, 2016

On My Birthday, 2016!

Today is my birthday, thank you. It also happens to be the birthday of Stevie Wonder, Be a Arthur and Dennis Rodman. I was born in good company.

This year, my birthday falls on Friday the 13th. Not to worry as 13 has always been my lucky number.

I know many great Tauruses. My close friend Tracey had her birthday yesterday. My friends Gary Popkin and Greg Sullivan had birthdays this week as well.

Cher's birthday is exactly a week after mine. Ah, if we could turn back time! Grace Jones' is only six days away.

I'll turn 64 tomorrow. What a drag it is getting old -- as The Rolling Stones sang before they grew old! Sometimes I do look in the mirror and wonder who the old man looking back at me might be.

So wish me well, everyone as I continue on my journey! It's been a marvelous trip thus far and I hope to have further fabulous adventures in life.

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