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Monday, September 5, 2011

Lost Pop Found: What Ever Happened to the Baby Jane Song?

For the 1962 release of "Baby Jane," Warner Bros. put out a limited edition promo 45 rpm of Bette Davis singing rock'n'roll with the tween who played Jane as a child in the film. It's twistin' music, in honor of the dance fad of the time. Debbie Burton had a pop career of her own around this time and, if you've seen the film, you'll recall her powerful, throaty voice. This duet has long been out of print and hard to find (I bought a copy years ago on Ebay), but here it is thanks to a Canadian friend on YouTube. The song is not used in the film, though you may recall the instrumental as the annoying song on the radio next-door belonging to the brooding teen played by Bette Davis' real-life daughter. This is the music being blasted out so that a desperate Joan Crawford cannot be heard from her window. She therefor resorts to throwing a message on a piece of paper from her second-story bedroom/torture chamber. I hope you all enjoy this rare pop gem and have fun twisting to Bette Davis.