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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Around the Plastic Tree with the Pet Shop Boys

If anyone wants to wrap up Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys (above right) and gift him to me this Christmas, I'd like that very much. I'm mad about the (Pet Shop) Boy. Boy, did I say "boy"? Ok, a very mature boy. Neil is so bright, so clever, kind of hot, tall, with a cute British accent (quite proper) and he's got all that money! (But that's another issue and another Pet Shop Boys song.) I do not care that he's lost most of his hair. He can have some of mine.

Not only great performers, live and in the studio, but brilliant producers, songwriters and remixers. Below, they weigh in on Christmas; even Bing Crosby figures into their ironic world view on this one, along with "families fighting around the plastic tree." So have a happy holiday season, disco-style, with the openly gay British gentlemen of pop music, the Pet Shop Boys. (They have perfect enunciation!)

(And, no, really, I'm so into Neil Tennant, so if you can Fed Ex him overnight...! I mean, it's Christmas after all.)

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