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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Judy Garland's Christmas Song

Judy Garland always comes through, always astounds us. No matter what condition she's in. From her CBS Christmas special, here she is with her three adoring kids, Liza, Lorna and Joey. They seem to have lived in Rob Petrie's house from The Dick van Dyke Show.

Guess what? Carolers come to the Garland residence and one of them happens to be Mel Torme!

Unclear what medication with what alcohol Judy was on that day, but she seems to have a difficult time with her lyrics. Mel even gently comments on her first big gaff. "Rainbows," not "reindeer," really know how to fly? I thought Judy was already over that damned rainbow!

You'd think, in her condition, she'd be very relaxed, but she's still a jangled bundle of nerves despite her meds, and a bit of a mess in this. Still, she's an all-time wonderful talent (though, I'm sure, CBS brass were worried during this taping), so here's Judy at Christmas to entertain us all, all these years later.

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