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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dear Santa (Bring Me A Man This Christmas)

The Weather Girls were originally known as Two Tons of Fun. Under that name, they began as Sylvester's back-up girls, then went solo with disco hits of their own: "Earth Can Be Just Like Heaven" (1980); "Just Us" (1980 and also made #29 on the US R&B chart); and the Hi-NRG song "I Got the Feeling" in 1981.

The Weather Girls was composed of Martha Wash (whose solo career continues till this day) and the late, great Izora Whitehead.

A holiday follow-up to the phenomenal, "It's Raining Men," "Dear Santa" was also written by Paul Jabara ("Last Dance" by Donna Summer) and Paul Shaffer (who makes a cameo vocal as Santa in this song).

The video for this number was made in 1983 and, obviously, on a shoestring budget. Hence, the hilarious dancers with big, feathered '80s hair. Martha and Izora may have been hard to fit, but their costumes herein look off-the-rack from some bargain store; rather threadbare-looking pantsuits with scarves. Ick!

You may suffer through a brief ad before the video, but it'll be worth it. Also, it's a busy-looking Youtube page, so I recommend enlarging the video window on your screens.

Season's greetings! And roll out the bear-skin rugs by your fireplaces cuz Santa may have a man in his sack for you, too!

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