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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Disco Santa Claus by the Fabulous Raindolls

Take off those damned boots and put on your platform shoes because, as The Raindolls explain, "We'll have a Disco Santa Claus this year/Doin'the Hustle with a bag of cheer!" Right arm!

From my research, it seems The Raindolls were a one-off who only did this song. The '60s-girl group-influenced voices that morphed into disco divas are a mystery. Who were they? What else did they do under other group names, perhaps? Did any of them have solo careers; would we recognize any of them by name? Who were the band members, for that matter? If anybody out there knows, please clue us in.

But otherwise, just Hustle on down to this very hot dance tune from '78 the way we do in Bay Ridge, Noo Yawk, home of Saturday Night Fever, after all. I'm Dj Buddy B, this is on my "Merry Happy" Christmas promo-only cd-r, and I hope you enjoy this track wherever on this planet you may be.

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