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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chart Chat, Billboard Dance /Club Hits Dec. 15, 2011

Deborah Cox is back, big time, on Billboard! Not only that, she's returned to the club music chart with a fantastic, new song written for her by Janice Robinson. That's diva-to-diva, party people, as Janice is best known in dance-music circles as the voice that fronted Livin' Joy in the '90s, on the amazing song, "Dreamer." Now, for those too young to recall, Livin' Joy was a house music group from Italy who released two very successful dance hits: "Dreamer" and "Don't Stop Movin'." (Tameka Starr, however, replaced Janice, who left the group for a solo career, on the latter number.)

"If It Wasn't for Love" is a powerful song with a melody that stays in your head. Cox's voice has never sounded better. It shot up nine points from last week alone and is currently in the #18 spot. Kudos to Deborah and Janice, and congratulations! Don't be surprised, everybody, if Ms Cox takes this all the way up to #1. It's a killer tune!

The club mix by Mixin' Marc & Tony Svejda can be found below, via Youtube. Support our great LGBT-supportive artists by legally downloading their music. "If It Wasn't for Love" can be officially downloaded from iTunes.

Florence & the Machine, who will appear Monday (Dec. 19) on VH-1 Divas Celebrates Soul, nationally in the USA, follows in the next slot (#19) with "Shake It Out," up from 26. Another good show!

Miss Tamara Wallace, singing with Rosabel, goes up to 21 with the exciting "Let Me Be Myself" while, at 22, Cirque du Soleil and Zarkana's "Whenever" stalls from last week.

LeAnn Rimes is up again this week with "Give," at #13, and, as I said last time, the Almighty remix is the way to go with this one. They've done wonders with Missy Rimes before and this is no exception, everybody. Give it a whirl. (On the dance floor, that is.)

The Top Ten this week is brightened by some recent entries doing well. Erika Jayne's "Party People" enters at 8 from 12 last week. "Last Drag," by ex-porn queen, Traci Lords, hits 6 from 11. The fab Wynter Gordon all the way up at #2 with "Buy My Love" (never mind her love; lots of club djs buying her record, looks like). And Beyonce, who looked overlooked last week, when Enrique Iglesias seemed to have snatched the ring at #1 from her ascent, is now at the numero uno spot after all with the fun floor-filler, "Countdown" while Enrique makes a precipitous drop with "I Like How It Feels," landing in 7th place. Not sure he likes the feel of that!

Until next time, get thee to a club, be yourself, express yourself, lose yourself in the music and remember, music is a great uniter and dance music = love for all of us, all over the world. Cheers!

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