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Friday, January 20, 2012

Dance/Club Play Top 25, Billboard 1/28 Chart

Let's work our way up the chart this week as I comment on the tracks I deem noteworthy. For the full club play top 25, go to

Always a pleasure to see Erasure represented, and this week their song, "Be with You," nicely skips to #22 from 24th place last week. Gravitonas hangs in there at #23 with "Everybody Dance." By the way, the Swedish electro duo is the latest incarnation of producer/songwriter Alexander Bard of Army Of Lovers ("Crucified") and BWO fame. Gravitonas' vocalist Andreas Ohm is joined by Russian pop star Roma Kenga on this track. Good stuff!

The dreamy "Drifting" by Plumb en-trances as it drifts up from 23 to snag spot #20, while the Ultra Nate-meets-Destiny Child's Michelle Williams number, "Waiting on You" does its disco damnedest as it jumps from last week's 21st spot to #17. Lots of nice remixes to choose from for this one, too.

Traci Lords' "Last Drag" peaked at fourth place. It was at 10 last week, and now finds itself parked at a still-respectable #16. Lady Gaga drops to sixth place with the rousing "Marry the Night" (my favorite track off the "Born This Way" album), having captured the numero uno position last time we took a look. Rising from #9 to #7 is the sticks-in-the-head dance track, "Let Me Be Myself" by Rosabel featuring the divine club diva, Tamara Wallace.

"Shake It Out," Florence + the Machine, shaking it up to #4. Brilliant party song, brilliant band, glad to see it doing so well! Up one spot as well, Gloria Estefan's "Hotel Nacional," swinging Dr Buzzard-style with the #1 spot a real possibility at this point.

But this week's #1 song (and diva) is none other than "If It Wasn't for Love" sung by Miss Deborah Cox. I fell in love with this Janice Robinson-penned number from the start, before it entered Billboard's chart. Hello, Deborah; so nice to have you back where you belong! (You so deserve your spotlight.)

By the way, big thanks and kisses out to Slovenia! (You guys are crazy!) And love all around this world to all my friends, readers and party people. Until next week, keep on dancing!

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