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Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's A Golden Era with David Morales, Roisin Murphy & President Obama

Roisin Murphy
David Morales is back, ready to get everyone on their feet to his nouveau disco sound with "Golden Era," a retro-tinged dance number with orchestral flourishes associated with classic dance-floor arrangements. None other than club-fave Roisin Murphy (pictured), the contralto Irish diva of dance and electronica fame, is the featured vocalist on this and she rises to the occasion beautifully. So, swirl, hands up in the air, Sunday tea dance style, on the day our President officially and historically pronounced June "Gay Pride Month!" And have a cocktail or two to really celebrate. Happy days are here again this summer; toast to a new Golden Era! Disco's back!

Below, both the Morales "Disco Mix" & the President's announcement, courtesy of YouTube. (Btw, Prezzie O is so cool, he even tosses in a Whitney quote, "bit by bit, step by step.")

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