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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Copacetic with KopaTechnic f/ Amber Dirks

 Today, Amber Dirks, lead vocalist for the techno band KopaTechnic, previewed a song from their new album on her Facebook page.

"KopaTechnic's 'Open Your Mind' to be released on our anticipated Soul Enticing 2," Amber informed us by way of introducing the trackThe song finds diva Dirks in a mellow mood, nicely produced for early, very late or lounge play. Listen to it in the evening and chill to its beat in your living room. Just let yourself relax and give yourself over to this smooth tonic after a hard day's return to work. Mmmm, nice.

Amber Dirks is a very lovely, talented lady who it was my privilege to interview in July. Check out our Q&A, if you haven't already. It includes several of Amber Dirks' songs on video.

I love the dreamy, trance-like quality to "Open Your Mind," which also has a classic disco element in its letting the ballad-like beginning give way to the beats. Yet, almost ambient music with its minimal lyrics and soothing synths & percussion. I love it! Open your minds (and souls) to it:

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