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Thursday, September 6, 2012

All About Beave ~~ & Billboard

First, I want to do my shout-out to all my international readers this week. I am so grateful to everyone who comes to this blog, generally to be entertained by anything I might have to say, and to share my musings on dance music and pop culture. I would be most appreciative of any feedback and the best way to do that, outside of commenting on individual posts here, is to go to my Facebook Page. At , you can click "Like" and let me know how I'm doing, what you like or don't like on the blog, give me constructive criticisms, and stay on top of new postings.

So, calling out around the world, get ready for a brand new beat: special thanks this week to Poland (I see readership was way up; dziękuję!). Also, thanks to my readers in Algeria, Japan, Turkey, Ukraine and Indonesia. Keep the faith we may live as one! As always, to my blog pals in the UK, Canada, France, Mexico, Russia, Germany; love you guys!

Tonight, I look forward to President Obama speak at the Democratic National Convention. Already such great speeches by our First Lady, Gaby Gifford (made me tear up -- a lot!) and others. Let's fight for progress and equality and the rights to love and to marry. Make it happen!

As for this week's Billboard, divas Mariah Carey and Pink finally make it into the top 25 of the Dance/Club chart with fabulous new songs that will put you on the floor!  Pink arrives at a hot-pink #18 with "Blow Me (a Kiss)" while I think it safe to say Ms Carey's anthemic "Triumphant" (#21) is indeed a triumph; one of the best things she's ever done and the remixes are to die for. Take it to the dancefloor, bitches, this mama's on fire and she's bringing it to the top, wardrobe malfunctions and whatever!

Scissor Sisters' "Let's Have A Kiki" #2 under Usher's "Scream" at #1. Expect it to usurp first place next week. Cyndi Lauper's fuck-me pumps walk her down to #16 from 6th place's peak last week with the fabulous "Sex Is in the Heel." Sarah Ferguson's hot "Nothing's Real But Love" (is it?), is at Cyndi's back, now up at #14. And Adam Lambert's "Never Close Our Eyes," which peaked, like Cyndi, at #6, is now standing at #16.

And that's it, of interest for me, on this week's blog. Hit the danceflooor and shake your money makers for love, peace and happiness! Until we meet again ~~ love, Dj Buddy Beaverhausen!

Below, the brilliant Honey Dijon club mix of "Sex Is in the Heel":

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