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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Barbra Streisand Returns to Brooklyn

Brooklyn now has its own first-class entertainment and sports venue, Barclays Center, with the subway at Atlantic-Pacific recently bearing the Barclays name. Of course, once Dj Buddy Beaverhausen moved to Brooklyn, there would just have to be this sort of top-tier, arena-style theater in the borough after all. If Beaverhausen can't get to the concerts, let the concerts come to Beaverhausen, it has been said! Talking about "top tier," that may very well be where yours truly will be seated, on his beer-and-Beaverhausen budget.

And so, it would only be natural, now that I'm part of the hood, that Barbra Streisand would be returning, big time, to Brooklyn! For someone having done a Farewell Tour, I'm not sure she hasn't outdone Cher on the encore engagements. I'm waiting for Tina Turner to do her Farewell Tour: The Encore's Encore next, even if it's from a motorized wheel chair. See

Roll that down the river!

But enough about Nutbush and back to Flatbush, where Barbra was born and raised. Babs does Barclays on October 11 and 13 (latter date sold out). It's her first Brooklyn performance since auditorium at Erasmus High. Ok, Brooklynites, now get this: primo seating for the event is $650 with an added $66.65 in "fees"! Grand total: $716.65. Nosebleed seating: $90 a ticket with $14.05 in fees. Hey, Barbra, this is Brooklyn! Remember the memories like the corners of your ego? Sheesh!

Better I should wait for Leonard Cohen maybe, Dec. 20 at Barclays, Nosebleed seats: $37.20, including fees. Hallelujah! (And he's only from Quebec!)

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