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Monday, September 3, 2012

Hot Mess Billboard

The week that led up to Labor Day in the USA was full of hot messes. First there was that trifling Tan Mom, the tanning obsessed NJ woman who became a tabloid sensation, appearing at XL in NY mid-week. Guesting at a club night actually called "Hot Mess," her drunken, slovenly appearance ended with her being escorted offstage after she started getting nasty with her drag queen hostesses, unable to stand or spit out a coherent phrase.

I mean, she had already fallen down on the red carpet, entering (and what a stunning entrance that was!) and continued to guzzle free goblets full of both white and red wine, throwing some at the crowd, reportedly including Tina Fey who was up front. Well, the whole debacle went viral internationally. This is what happens when reality stars let 15 minutes of fame go to their heads.  XL certainly is glowing in light of the publicity. I don't see much future for Tan Mom, however. Do you? I think this is her crowning achievement.

And none other than Clint Eastwood was a surprisingly hot mess when he showed up at the Republican freak show, talking to a now famously empty chair as if it were President Obama. Does Dirty Harry think black people are invisible? Or what were we to take away from that, anyhow? Prior to this, I considered Clint an Eisenhower-type Republican but his support of theTea Party agenda has sadly made me put a moratorium on all films Clint, be he star or director.

But let's move on to my take on Billboard and its Top 25 Dance, shall we?

Madonna finally takes over the #1 spot, as anticipated, with "Turn Up the Radio" club remixes.

"Let's Have a Kiki" has kicked its self up to the #3 position, God bless the Scissor Sisters.  Florence + the Machine follow with "Spectrum (Say My Name)" in 4th place.

Cyndi Lauper's "Sex Is in the Heel,"almost as much fun as turning tricks at a truck stop, is up now at a hot #6, while JLo's "Going In," which made #1 is goin' out at #11 this week. Adam Lambert's "Never Close Our Eyes," peaking at 6th place last week, is now at #15, while Rebecca Furguson -- whose voice sounds like a mix of Aretha and Winehouse -- leaps from #20 to 16.

And nothing below that is of interest of me or, believe you me, of you. They're just hot messes.

Happy Labor Day  kisses to my American readers, and to the UK and Canada for big support. Big love out to Italy, Mexico and the Ukraine this week! To Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany with much affection! Smooches, too, to Abu Dhabi and Syria! Let's remix the world with love, happiness and dance music! Peace & love, y'all! ~~ Dj Buddy Beaverhausen.

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