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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday, Sylvester!

God, how did I miss out on this? It was in reading Joe.My.God.'s blog that I was alerted to this serious disco oversight. It was Sylvester's birthday three days ago! Happy Birthday in Heaven, Sylvester!

I saw Sylvester last, just two years before he died, performing in Key West. He was marvelous. I met him after the show. He was huge! He hugged me, and I think my head was right beneath his chest! (He was wearing heels, of course.)

Just weeks ago, I kissed his ex back-up girl, the divine Martha Wash, after seeing her perform at BB King's. Ah, Sylvester, if only you were alive today. You would have loved the show.

You are missed. Seriously missed on the dance music scene.

PS: I love Sandra's tribute song:

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