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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thanks to All from Dj Buddy Beaverhausen!

By Greenwich Mean Time, it's officially November 1. I'm coming through the storm in New York City amongst many others, lucky to still have electricity and running water, and not having to deal with any flooding from Hurricane Sandy's big blow-out. My sincerest heartfelt prayers go out to everyone dealing with the hardships left by the "Frankenstorm," and I wish everyone affected, along the coast, the hope and strength it takes getting through this.

My post, "Cher Sex Cult Horror" posted less than a week ago, is already #10 on my 10 Most Popular Posts. Seems to have captured your torrid imaginations! Actually, I'm very grateful to all who read, enjoyed and boosted this post via your blog hits in so short a time.

Thanks to increased viewership in Poland, Australia and Italy. And, of course, to my continued strong support in the USA, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Brazil and Mexico. Love out to all!

And now, it being November 1 GMT, I'm very happy to announce that the total views of my blog for the month of October 2012 was a record 8,958; so close to the 9K mark! My previous high was in July, at 8,872. It's always a thrill for me to see my blog thriving and growing.

Tonight, Halloween in the USA, I just have to tell you how touched I was to arrive home this evening in Brooklyn, and to see the children lined up at the deli downstairs, awaiting free candy. Hassan, son of the deli owner, Tony, is a high school senior and he was dressed as Michael Jackson in The Wiz (or so I assumed), with an afro wig and burlap cap. But what moved me was the realization of children's dreams and hopes symbolized in their costumes. Whether it was a fairy princess or a werewolf, they were their higher selves, representing the inner strength and beauty of who they dared to become for one night.

We are all still costumed children every day in our everyday clothes, striving to be our higher selves. Don't give up that hope, that dream.

I hope everyone had a fun and Happy Halloween and, again, thanks to all! Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts on my posts.  Love ~~ Dj Buddy Beaverhausen

ps: To those struggling through the aftermath of the hurricane, I dedicate this to you:

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