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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Video Beaverhausen: Lana Turner Trips Out on LSD in The Big Cube!

Lana Turner was far from her glory days when she made 1969's The Big Cube. Lana on acid but it's a bad trip, I warn you!

It's a campy psychedelic throwback with Ms Turner tripping on LSD that are put into her sugar cubes for tea. Unintentional hilarious at moments, though not enough of them to make this interesting.

Ms Turner was far from her glamor days here, though she works her frocks quite well. This is no The Postman Rings Twice or Imitation of Life. Hell, it's not even Love Has Many Faces!

Lana, in tis, is a rich widow with greedy kids spiking her tea with LSD to be able to get to her money by declaring her insane. The whole premise is, frankly, completely ridiculous!

Richard Egan and George Chakiris are in this, too. Hope all had a happy payday for their efforts.

Big Cube becomes a big bore. Not recommended by me except to the most devout camp devotees.

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