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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Audio Beaverhausen: Cher's Mom Sings Out!

Just got around to listening to Georgia Holt's  Honky Tonk Woman (1980) for the first time. It's a high-powered vanity project because Georgia is Cher's mom. Not going to see a Mommie Dearest-like from Cher it seems.

Georgia was born in 1927 in Arkansas but found her way to L.A, This is her only album but it's a somewhat impressive one.

If I was a star of Cher's magnitude, I'd happily have made an album starring my mom who had such a sweet, lovely voice, so I totally understand where this is coming from.

Honky Tonk Woman kicks off with Cher and her mom singing a duet. From there, Georgia barrels through a barrage of country tunes, including a sweet and touching cover version of Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender."

Recommended to the devoted, and long live Georgia Holt!

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