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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Beaverhausen Book Nook: Alice in Zombieland

Alice in Zombieland proves to us that zombie-ized adaptations of literary classics grow tiresome after a short while.

I felt compelled to purchase this book but found it to be a big bore in a been there-done that kind of way. There were fun moments sprinkled throughout but this is basically pure junk.

Best-selling author Gena Showalter penned this. There is some giddy fun along its route, but it's not particularly worth stepping through the looking glass for.

Showalter's zombies, you should be aware, are spirits rather than the usua physical,l flesh-eating kind. Whether that's good news to you or bad depends on where you stand on the issue. Who knew there could be a zombie controversy!

In the final analysis, though, I cannot and do not recommend this book particularly. If you're craving more Alice, go back to the Lewis Carroll originals, I say.

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