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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sandra Bernhard Takes on Sarah Jessica Parker, "Sex in the City," Joan Rivers, Kathy Griffin

Sandra Berhard shoots from the hip. She isn't afraid to tell it like she sees it, that's for sure! But, sometimes, there may be a sense of bitterness in her attacks. Judge for yourself in her appearance today on Howard Stern.

Michael Musto commented: "On Howard Stern's show, mouthy comic Sandra Bernhard admitted that she turned down the role of Miranda on Sex and the City.

Batshit crazy?

No, hold on people, hear out her reasons.

For one thing, she says, the script was absolutely horrible.

Secondly, they were only paying $7,500 a week.

And what's more, 'To play third or fourth fiddle to Sarah Jessica Parker and put up with her shit?'


But Cynthia Nixon decided it would be a good move, famously enough.

I guess she considered it a choice."

Only $30K/mo.? I should have auditioned!

Below, she disses other divas in her painfully honest, no-holds-barred manner.

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  1. I love Sandra's work, but a lot of this sounds like sour f*cking grapes. the celebrity/pop culture stuff isn't hers to say someone got it from her. That stuff permeates our culture now. No one got the idea for it from her act. And to refer to herself as "an intellectual" is pretentious.