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Monday, May 20, 2013

Gay Pride Anthem 2013?

With Memorial Day weekend nigh, Gay Pride events will be launched, lasting through the month of June. And what will the club anthems be on the floats, decks and dancefloors this year? Who will our Pride 2013 divas be?

Christina Aguilera's strong pipes send "Let There Be Love" up the charts. It is #2 on Billboard's Dance/Club and looks bound for #1 next week despite its less-than-memorable melody.  The very same criticism can be said about dance mixes of Kelly Clarkson's club charter, "People Like Us." The tune is meant to be anthemic, yet all that really registers is its hook. There is something cold and robotic about this "anthem," too. Kelly's vocals are strong but punched across without much genuine feeling; a technical exercise.

Sometimes, it's all in the remix. Chris Cox works wonders with Kat Deluna's "Stars," letting the young diva's vocals skim above the haunting electronica that's sure to draw you to the dancefloor. The disco-influenced Jump Smokers remix of Rod Stewart's "Sexual Religion" also brings that '70s "diva" back to the limelight. Nice work, Jump Smokers! And people, do you want Rod's body? Still?

Celebrating 40 amazing years in the industry, Chaka Khan has a new release to drop just in time for Pride. And her new body's looking very sexy, indeed. "It's Not Over" is a well-written, soulful tune with a powerful hook that is bound to chart and make you want to move onto the dancefloor. Ralphi Rosario's remix is distinctly the cream of the crop. And, yes, when Chaka socks it to you, it's from the gut.

But the true club divas rule. Ultra Nate's latest tune, "Everybody Loves the Night" is a dancefloor-designed beauty produced and mixed by Brinsley Evans, RedTop, Bill Coleman and Count DeMoney with back-up vocals by Inaya Day, joe DNA, Lisa Molina, & Toni Seawright. Irresistible!

Inaya Day has her own new club song out, done with Dj Escape, "Make Some Noise!" And she does make noise. Beautifully. These are the divas who may dominate this year's Pride around the world. Check them out. And download. MP3s available from

It's time to party!

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