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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Divas Make the Scene in Splitsville

Surely. 32--year-old Britney Spears must believe all men are pigs by now or at least be questioning her taste in them. TMZ broke the news that traveled worldwide in a nanosecond that the singer dumped her latest boy toy, David Lucado, after a video surfaced of him "making out with a woman and dancing with her." It was also reported in Star magazine that lothario Lucado was seen pawing, and dancing all night with, another woman at a club in West Hollywood.  It's Britney, bitch! And she doesn't like the disrespect. Who can blame her?

While Brit posted "Ahhhh, the single life!" on Twitter, a representative for Lucado stated that the ex-bf is still "very much" in love with the superstar and hopes to get back together with her. Good luck, pal!

This all comes very shortly after news that Mariah Cary filed for divorce from husband Nick Cannon after discovering Nick was engaging in some extramarital activities, namely with two mistresses. Carey, reportedly devastated, wasted no time in seeking a divorce from the cad. Unrepentant and defiant, the loose Cannon claimed that as far as he was concerned, his marriage with Mariah was a mirage, as it was, in his opinion, "already over." Cheeky!

Ah, my divas! Too often you are victims of the very songs you sing, to paraphrase Candi Staton. All those adoring fans but can't find a man to love you as you know you deserve.

It ain''t over until the diva sings it's been said. Well, Britney and Mariah have just belted it out, boys. So, go, go out the door, don't turn around now, you're not welcome anymore. Do you hear your swan song?

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